UI Design and Approach for Line of Business Apps

For any LOB (Line of Business) Application, User Interface Design can make or break the success of the application. In the recent years, due to the advent of mobile devices, great improvements in the Web technologies, the browsers and client side experience, there has been greater than ever emphasis on UI Design and usability than before. Users having used iPhones, iPads and Kinects come to expect similar intuitive experience when they are using any application, be it an internal enterprise app or public facing web applications.

I’ve been very inspired by Billy Hollis’ approach to Application development, ever since I first listened to his shows on the .Net Rocks podcast shows. He has a keen focus on User Experience and Prototyping.

Here’s a compiled list of links to his talks and presentations

User Engaged Prototyping with Billy Hollis

Billy Hollis on WPF and Silverlight

Bytes by MSDN: June 18 – Billy Hollis

Billy Hollis on Getting Smart with WPF – dnrtv

Billy Hollis: XAML for Developers Part One

Billy Hollis: XAML for Developers Part Two

Check out this nice application called Quince which has a treasure trove of UX Patterns

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