Useful Reference Samples for KnockoutJS

After I recently started using KnockoutJS, the awesome MV-VM Javascript library, I came across several samples which serve as a great reference for real-world scenarios to solve specific UI problems. Because it’s hard to get to when I wanted to take quick look at, thought of making a list. This is an evolving list, so will keep adding samples as I find them.

I am sure you will find them useful.

The reference samples are created by community and are mostly on the

  1. ObservableArray Manipulation, providing own mappings for ko.mapping Plugin
  2. Defining a customBinder
  3. Nested Comments Sample
  4. applyBindingsToNode, reapply bindings
  5. Data binding html element’s attributes like Title, Class etc
  6. Subscribe to property inside ObservableArray
  7. ChangedItemes and deltatracking to sent to server
  8. Undo/Redo quick initial sample
  9. Keep a track of selected items (checkbox list) on the client side

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