Very cool .Net, Javascript, Json and CSS libraries

Recently I’ve been using and reading about the following interesting libraries for .Net, Javascript, Json and CSS. There are tons of those these days out there. But this will be a list of ones I value most.

  1. OpenWebKitSharp – check this too –
  2. JsonFx.Net – great library to work with Json in .Net –
  3. – dictionary of js libraries
  4. sugarjs – extends native objects with helpful methods –
  5. – another databinding library, looks comprehensive, but I am sold on knockoutjs, I’ve looked at half a dozen binding libs, and to me knockout trumps everything else, just saying…
  6. fully functional, rich datagrids on the client side –
  7. do anything with lists –
  8. mediatizr – Responsive design support for older browsers –
  9. stroll.js – awesome looking css3 scroll effects –
  10. Superfast client side templating – HandleBarsJS
  11. Rich Data for Javascript apps – perfect for SPA (Single Page App)s that deal with Server side data – BreezeJS
  12. SPA template and client side app library – Single Page Apps done right – DurandalJS

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